My Beautiful City Austin
In My Beautiful City Austin David Heymann crafts seven masterful tales of a young architect who fails again and again to dissuade his clients from their bad decisions. So the houses he designs aid and abet the ongoing erasure of Austin's ambrosial charm. These sharp, humorous stories explore consequences of Austin's rediscovered allure. Fueled by the dubious intentions of its inhabitants, this is a town growing madly while ignoring the pain of a thousand small cuts.

"An opinionated, observant, and unexpected little book. The architectural eye that David Heymann trains on Austin and its landscape provides a sharp new view of a beloved city and its vulnerable soul." — Stephen Harrigan, author, The Gates of the Alamo

"David Heymann’s portrait of Austin yesterday and today is tender, funny, keen and merciless. My Beautiful City Austin is a marvelous book." — Nancy Levinson, editor, PLACES

"How infuriating to discover that David Heymann is not simply a wonderful architect but a marvelous writer. Although he claims this book is fiction, it is lambent with truth about building and its culture. I downed the delicious —and hilarious—thing at a sitting. So should you." — Michael Sorkin, architect, author, Twenty Minutes in Manhattan

David Heymann, an award-winning architect, writer, and professor at the University of Texas, is interested in what people want from nature. My Beautiful City Austin is his first work of fiction.